October 9, 2011

SVG Attic Design Team Sunday

If you are looking for the Fang-Tastic Blog Hop the posts are: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 will be up shortly :)

Happy Sunday! It's a chilly rainy day up here in the Midwest. I apologize for such a late post today, our internet has been very spotty this weekend. So I am going to take advantage of it while I can and get a few things posted. Today I have a fun little Halloween decoration, I found the idea on Pintesrest. If you are on Pinterest you can follow my boards if you wish here. Here is the inspiration picture:
Isn't that a cool idea? Well I thought it would be really cool to do a Halloween themed one. So I used the BOO-tiful Borders and Pumpkin Patch collections for my project today. Here it is (I warn you the pictures aren't great, it was hard to take pictures of it lit up):
I thought our black stemmed wine glasses were very fitting for my Halloween lamp. I welded the blood border from the BOO-tiful Borders collection to a rectangle that was as long as my wine glass is around at the top. I then used the conical wrap feature in Make-the-Cut to make the lamp shade. I then joined in each of the faces in the Pumpkin Patch collection to the shade so that they would be cut out of the shade. I used vellum behind each face to give it an eerie glow. If you make a wine glass lamp of your own, I would make the shade a little longer than I did so the votive or tea light candle inside is completely hidden.

See I told you the pictures weren't great, I really need a tri-pod...oh well.

I hope you were inspired by today's project! I'll be back in just a few with day 3 of the Fang-Tastic blog hop.


  1. I like how you transferred the glass candle lamp idea to Halloween theme. Cute wrapping around the glass for Halloween.

  2. So cute and creative.