May 23, 2011

Cricut-Tastic Award!

I am so excited that Teresa over at Totally Love Cricut gave me the Cricut-Tastic Award! Thank you!

I have to share 5 Cricut facts about myself.
1. My wonderful Auntie got me hooked by letting me borrow her baby bug way too many years ago.
2. My first bug was the expression and it was a Christmas gift from my parents!
3. My newest bug is the Cricut Cake and it was an 'Easter gift' just this year, thanks mom!
4. I own way to many cartridges so I bought a Gypsy just to not have the cartridges taking up space in my craft room :-)
5. My cricut went from having a home in my closet to having a permanent spot on my desk once I bought Make-the-Cut. I use it almost everyday now.

I am sharing the love by awarding this blog award to the following 10 people. All you need to do in return is wear it with pride and share the love with 10 other blogs. Don't forget to share 5 cricut facts about yourself!

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Happy crafting!


  1. hey Jessica... thanks for the award.. I just wanted to know I dont own a Cricut so can I accept it??? what facts can I give??:(

  2. Thanks for the award Jessica :) You are too sweet!

  3. thanks Jessica for ur reply... and most of all for the award... Its really really sweet of u!!