May 15, 2012

Just a Note

Hello everyone, Jessica here to share a fun little project for My Thoughts Exactly with you. Now I hear a special someone has a birthday coming up this week and I wanted to make the perfect little gift for her. Alyssa no more reading until you get a fun little package in the mail :D

Hee hee I'm not even going to let her get a peak at it :)

Ok now that Alyssa has stopped reading I can show you what I made her! I saw this really cool post on her Pinterest board and I just knew I had to try and make it.

Isn't it fun?!? It has lots of bright colors and just a little bit of bling. Now I couldn't just decorate the front cover of this cute little up-cycled notebook so I added a little something to the inside front page...

I think I'll finish it off with a little message to Alyssa before I send it off. The stamps on the front cover are from the More Mini Thoughts and the inside features the Big Thoughts sets. Unfortunately both sets are out of stock right now! Don't worry they will be back in the store as soon as possible.

Happy crafting!



  1. This is so cute! Thanks for sharing, Jessica. Love the bling on the mermaid crown too. hehe

  2. I saw this on her board, too. Yours is so cute, Jessica. Not sure about some of that twine though ;) Haha, seriously, she is going to love it. You are so darn crafty. Love to look at your stuff.

    Lesley @ Trendy Twine

  3. This is adorable! I love your post too...funny! :)