December 15, 2011

Just a note...

Hi everyone! This is just a quick post to let anyone that grabbed my blinkie for their blogs know the file it was linked to got deleted. Long story short I linked my blogger account to my Google+ account (trying to consolidate online profiles) and all my pictures got deleted in the process. I think I've got most of them back up and in the right places. There is also new code for the blinkie over in the left hand side bar...don't ask me why the text area won't limit to a few lines (the html code is right if checked it a million times)...blogger is driving me crazy this week! I'll get it fixed at some point in time but for now at least the code is up and had the correct link.

If you see anything that looks out of place or missing please leave me a quick comment if you don't mind. I appreciate any quirks you can point out.

And since you are here I can't leave you without a project right?!? This is a fun little card I made for my hunny's birthday. He had a funny look on his face when he opened the card...
When I asked why he said, "nothing I just didn't get it at first...a birthday ninja?" Well I thought it was cute, oh well.

All the files are from the Lettering Delights Ninja Kicks set. Of course I changed a few things. I added the heart to the birthday ninja, the Trendy Twine sash, and that mustache! So I have to admit this card is a little old, his birthday was in November and he does the whole no shave November. So, I added a little facial hair to the ninja from the Mustache Mania set at Lettering Delights. Oh yea, can you believe the tiny cuts on this card? Thanks to my amaZING Zing that he bought me for my birthday I can cut things I never dreamed of cutting before! The circles on the lamps are completely perfect I dreaming?

Well that's all for today, happy crafting!

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  1. I was going to say dang that mustache is cuuuuuute, but dang not only is it cute but it's perfect and so teensy. Love this card so fun.