October 26, 2011

A heartfelt thank you :)

Hello and happy Thursday everyone! So I had planned a really fun little card set for you today with sneak peaks of the soon to be released My Thoughts Exactly stamps...well life has been a little crazy as of late. I spent a few days last week at a conference presenting my research. Normally that wouldn't be an issue, I'd just miss a few days of class nothing too terrible. Well now that I am an instructor, serve on the graduate and research committee for the college of engineering and architecture, and am a student doing research...it felt like I was gone for a whole week. I have trying to catch up and it just isn't working. In fact I am putting off lecture notes for tomorrow to write this post, sigh. Ok so enough about my boring explanation about why I only have one VERY simple card for you today and on to what you came here to see. I am still giving you a sneak peak of the November release over at My Thoughts Exactly, can you guess the theme? It's not hard I promise :)
Can you tell what the knot is suppose to be? I hope you can cause I really like it and was super excited when I figured out how to tie it. In fact I learned on an old piece of rope we had lying around from making the dog's tie out and when I finally got it tied right I ran into our bedroom to show the boyfriend...he said cool and went back to his computer game. I hope you are more excited about it than he was :) Here is a close up of the front sentiment.
The phrase is two stamps; 'a heartfelt' and 'Thank You'. The heart is one stamp that I stamped three times on the card and the little brackets are also in the set, two of them too! I think this is becoming my favorite set, the phrase are just perfect. There are a few other things that I love about this set but I'll let you be surprised when it is released on TUESDAY!!! Ok here is the inside and the last sneak peak for today.
Two stamps again, 'Thank You' and 'for being you.' I intended this card to be for my mom cause she's the best but I think she'll see it here before it ever gets mailed to her. Maybe I'll just make her a new one :) My mom and aunt both live near the October Afternoon warehouse, which I do not, so when they had their warehouse sale last week my mom went and shopped for me!!! Not only did she go one day, or two days, but I'm pretty sure she was there everyday of the sale! I can not wait to show you all my new loot!! Oh and did I mention that my wonderful aunt worked the sale and got each of us about a foot and half tall stack of free rub-ons! I am set for life! My mom and grandma are coming up this weekend to see me for my birthday on Saturday. So I'll have some pictures of the loot to show you soon. I may have a few pictures of how I am going to spend my birthday too...it may not be what you would expect :) One last look at today's card before I hit the books again.
If you'd like to learn how to tie the Celtic Heart knot on the front of the card it can be found here on my Pin Interest board. Head over to the wonderful Jennifer's blog too and see what she had in store for you today (I've seen it and it's really cute!). Don't forget to stop back on Tuesday for the November stamp release!

Until then happy crafting,


  1. Hi Jessica! Your card is fabulous- inside and out! The ribbon knot is unique and such a nice focal point. Hope you had a great Thursday!

  2. This is really cool. It looks like a hand shake! Amazing!

  3. Love that heart knot, gorgeous. <3