August 25, 2011

My Thoughts Exactly Grill-tastic Design Team Thursday

Happy Thursday! It's another grill-tastic design team Thursday at My Thoughts grill-tastic, I really like that for some reason :) Today I have a fun little invitation and party set for an end of the summer BBQ, yup that's why today is grill-tastic (still laughing about that one). I won't babble too long because I have a TON of pictures today...
Not your typical invitation huh? I thought it was fun. The ants and sentiment are from the Grinllin 'N' Chillin set.
Can you tell which set the inside sentiment is from?
It's from three different sets! Sweet Thoughts, Grillin 'N' Chillin, and Under the Sea! Now can you tell what the card base is made out of? I will tell you it's not white cardstock :)
It's acetate paper!
I used my new Echo Park Happy Days paper for the front and I thought it looked so cool from both sides so I used acetate paper for the base. So with every great BBQ there are always some cold drinks, but which one is mine?!? They all look the same, or do they...?
Not with these cute little tags!

Those were all the manly tags, you know guys they can't be holding even remotely girly ;-) All the sentiments were from the Grillin 'N' Chillin set. Now on to the really girly and sparkly tags, what girl doesn't love bling?!?

Aren't those cute? All those sentiments are from the Sweet Thoughts set. So one last time here are all the tags in one picture, of course they are all tied with a different color of Trendy Twine.
As a side note these little tags could also be tied around the stems of wine glasses if that is your preferred beverage container.

Whew, that was a lot of pictures. Good work if you made it all the way through them. I hope you have enjoyed my project today, now go out and enjoy the last bits of summer (that is if you live in the Midwest where winter is just on the horizon). Oh wait, first go check out Jennifer's projects, great minds think a like :)

Happy crafting,


  1. I love everything! I laughed out loud when I saw those tags. (and I thought for sure you would use "wiener" for one of the manly tags, haha). Your card is so cool too- I've never used acetate before, but I definitely want to get some now! I'm also curious...what kind of beer is in the pics?

  2. What a great IDEA! You sure know how to throw a crackalackin' party!I'm with Jennifer you should use the big weiner stamp somewhere! Beautiful!

  3. This is so cute! love it! Lenae

  4. AHHH why did I not use the 'WIENER'?!? Where were guys last night while I was frantically finsihing up? Well, I guess I have to make round two of tags now :)

    Jen, it's MGD's the warmest bottle of beer we had, not my choice but it worked for the pictures.

  5. Oh, this is so cute! How fun is this! Great work!

  6. Jessica,
    I have been following your blog for a while and just love your creations. I have an award for you. Stop by my blog and copy the picture and questions. Thanks for sharing all your projects :)

    Paper Compulsions