June 19, 2011

A Few Projects I've been Working On

First of all I have a project for the Paper Dolls challenge this week. The files were created by my fellow My Thoughts Exactly Design Team member, Belinda of Bee's Hive O'Drama. I used the adorable house to decorate the front of a box that holds a soap bottle or lotion bottle.

I then used the cute little flowers to decorate a gift card holder that is ties around the box.
Of course I used Trendy Twine to tie some button to the flowers and tie the gift card holder to the box. My boyfriend and I have spent our weekend building a light box for my pictures, I'm still learning to use it...

Next I have two ATCs that I have been working on for another swap on the MTC forum. There are two themes this time, where I'm from and the year I was born. For the where I'm from ATC I did a play on jokes about the wonderful North Dakota :-P I'll let you see if you can pick out the two jokes before I explain them after the pictures.

The inside even has some state facts about North Dakota. Ok so the jokes...the main joke is that when you cross the border between Minnesota and North Dakota in Fargo you see this little itty-bitty object on the horizon. You drive all day just to find it's the welcome to Montana sign, North Dakota is VERY flat! The other joke is that we have so few trees they are all numbered. We had a good laugh one day when we took the dog to the park in town and noticed that the trees really were numbered LOL!

Ok the second ATC was for the year I was born and I added a little narrative on the back explaining all the events depicted. It reads, "I was born in 1985. My favorite Sesame Street character, Elmo, was introduced on 11/18/1985. Krista McAuliffe and the rest of the Challenger crew were commissioned in July. On 10/3/1985 Space Shuttle Atlantis launched on its maiden voyage. 23 years later I graduated with a degree in Aerospace Engineering." You could say that year shaped my life in many ways right down to what I wanted to be when I grew up.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Father's day!

Happy crafting,


  1. Such lovely work.your creativity is amazing
    Cheers from Bangalore ,India
    Dr Sonia S V

  2. How cute is this??? I love it! Love the addition of twine and the tag, and how you took the colors of the bottle into your project! Great work!

    What a cute ATCs that you did as well! Love the North Dakota/Montana one!

    Thanks for joining us over at the Paper Dolls Challenge!

  3. Oh my gosh Jessica!! This is seriously so awesome!! What a great idea, this would make such a sweet housewarming gift! Seriously I am freaking out, this is so cute! And your pictures look awesome, I can't believe you built your own light box, I'm too lazy, I just bought one, lol. I can't wait to see your ATCs in person! I still need to finish mine, thank goodness we have until July!

  4. Jessica...YOU complete me! I LOVE this idea, the paper, EVERYTHING...In fact I'm going to use it!

  5. Alyssa I can't believe I actually made a light box either, I just have to figure out the best light for it now. So many options! I was totally thinking house warming too when I made this!

    Bee you are too funny, you should use the idea it is from your file after all!

  6. Jessica, love your house box! It is so awesome. 1985?!?! Oh my, you are still a baby!

  7. Love your blog! We have a lot in common, but apparently you got a lot more right brain artistry than I did! Your stuff is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.