August 17, 2011

An ugly card...

Ok so I made a card for CASE study this past week and I choose this amazing card from Jennifer Rzasa of Our Change of Art to CASE
So Jennifer's card is so cute, right? Mine started out as a cute idea playing on the layout of Jennifer's card and this awesome tri-fold card by Lenae of SugarGem
Needless to say it came out really ugly!!! So ugly and so not CAS that I couldn't bring myself to even link it to the challenge! After several evil glares at it (of course I just left it laying on the table in plain view), it started to kinda grow on me. So it's not totally ugly but I'm not it's number one fan. I'll you decide for yourself though...
I started with the intentions of making an I love you and thanks for being you card for my wonderful boyfriend, something I don't tell him enough. So, I thought the die cut phrase was appropriate for our everyday life. All the designer paper and die cuts for this card came form the K&Company Brenda Walton Scrap Pad to go (I've had this thing forever!). The bakers twine is from Trendy Twine.
Then I started stamping the sentiments on the inside...

Everyone deserves to have a happy day everyday of the week. And on the inside it says I love you...
or not...
Who grabs the wrong phrase while stamping?!? This chick now it's an anniversary card. Well I guess I'm prepared, 7 months in advance. If you know anything about the My Thoughts Exactly stamps (the sentiment stamps I used here) you know they are mix and match so you really have to look for the phrases you want. In this case both the I love you and happy anniversary are each one stamp, but not really close to one another on the sheet of's just been one of those weeks! The little heart grass stamp is from the Stampin' Up! Valentine Defined set.
Maybe by March I won't hate it so much. Hope you're having a good week so far.

Happy crafting,


  1. OK, here I am thinking, "oh good, someone else make a ugly card that they hate too!" Only to come here and find an adorable card that makes me not want to post my at all!!! Not fair Jessica, not fair! Boohoo ;)

  2. I don't think this is ugly at all! I like it! and it's a cool idea to be inspired from two cards made by the DT members! lol... about the wrong stamp! Well, at least you're well prepared!

  3. Oh LOL, it's a beautiful card! That you will have to put away for a little while, and make a new one... I think it was your subconscient speaking...your boyfriend better get down on one knee soon... LOL

  4. Soooo not ugly! I love the coordinating colors and the way it closes with the twine. You definitely should have linked this up for CASE study! (although I totally understand when you have one of those times when you don't like your card for some reason. I have 2 cards I made last week that I am hiding from the blog! I'm sure they are fine, but I just don't like them enough to share).

    Your post made me laugh when I saw your stamped anniversary sentiment. We've all done stuff like that before! You can either save the card like you said, or just cover it up with another layer, hehe.

  5. Thanks for all the wonderful comments, we are all our own worst critics...this little card is growing on me :)

    LOL Bee I almost spit out my water when I read your comment!

  6. Wha?! This is NOT ugly! I love it! I even pinned it as inspiration for a tri-fold. :)

  7. I really like how you did the twine closure. Great idea. You crack me up.

  8. It's not ugly AT all! Yes I've done it know you could cut a label or plaque for the know one of those cute little nested shapes, stamp on that and send it out AS a birthday or still an anniversary. But really it's really cute and pretty, and it doesn't do ugly!